Reptilienmensch, unso.
15.3.11 00:54


Ich muss lang genug leben um zu überleben, dann werde ich sicher unsterblich.

Oh, und:

It's a sunny day in heaven and no one is around to open the gates and I'm waiting for you. My fairweather friend, absent in the end, absent in the end. The one thing I can count on is nothing much at all. The one thing that I'm sure about is that you won't be anywhere around me when I fall. I'd like to think I wouldn't die for you, but you know I would. 'Cause that's the fool I am. And that's the rule you bend, absent in the end, my fairweather friend.

19.3.11 11:22

Deal with it.
Ich bin das ekelhafteste Wesen in Aussehen und Charakter. Vor allem in Charakter.

Und dieses Lied, es ist wie Horror in einer Konservendose. Wie ... wie ...

23.3.11 00:02

Horror in einer Koservendose, ich sag's doch.
23.3.11 00:14

I remain silent, to see if you care.
You don't care at all.
God, please don't let me become that little prostitute once again.
26.3.11 18:32

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